Monday morning we woke up and had to decide what we wanted to do with the spud. If we left and didn’t take him to the doctor, his coach would think we were idiots. Plus, we wouldn’t ever know if he had strep.

We had gone to Texas several years before and ended up in the ER because we thought he had appendicitis. It cost us several hundred dollars. Thanks to a few calls to our insurance company, we found an urgent care facility in our network. They weren’t sure if he had strep, but they gave him antibiotics. The whole episode cost $15.


After we got the boy settled, we had to hit the road. Mr. H. had to get back to work. This time, we were going to avoid Richmond. We were headed to Roanoake.

It was a much more sane trip. We passed a multitude of exits to NASCAR racetracks and we even passed Richard Petty’s birthplace and museum. Mr. H. says if we ever do this again, we need to build in an extra day to check these places out.

IMG_2134We ended up staying outside of Roanoke in Troutville. We watched Larry Crowne on HBO and found The Lucky Dog Pub to go grab some food. I had wings. We also found Batch 19. Good stuff.

Virginia, as always, was dark. This pub was in a strip mall on a divided highway. It was quite quaint.


We came back to the hotel and promptly crashed.

There just wasn’t enough time to rest and relax.


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