Today was the last leg of our trip. Our hotel had a Cracker Barrel next to it.


Mr. Hicks was happy. I like Cracker Barrel, but it’s just too darned commercialized for me. It sort of annoys me. But he likes it, and he got his sausage and gravy. I stare at the menu and all I want is 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon and toast. I stare some more and it’s all in code–special dishes that have grits and casseroles and special stuff. I just want eggs!! I told her that. I got it. It was good.
So we got back on the road to State College. The route back through Roanoake is much calmer than going around DC. For whatever reason, though, there were more nuts on the road this time than when I came up from Blacksburg.

I can’t say there is anything more beautiful than rural Pennsylvania. I was so happy to be back in our state. Mr. H. is highly offended by the tollway, so when we got there, he tried to go back roads  He didn’t have the patience to let me figure it out, so he rammed and roared onto the tollway, only to find himself going to Philly. You know what happens once you get on the tollway…We finally got off at the next exit and it took us up 522 through Huntingdon and Pine Grove Mills. (Can you say BACK ROADS?) He was really ticked (to say the least). And although it took an extra half hour, it was nice to see this part of our state. Such beautiful country.

tired puppy

tired puppy

Mr. Hicks dumped me off and went to get the basset. The basset came home with no voice. We unpacked, did laundry, and had a decent dinner with vegetables. It’s amazing how hard sometimes it is to get vegetables when you are traveling.

Additionally, the other side of the story, was that there was a huge impending snow storm coming up the coast (it never happened). The boys played Tuesday night and lost. The spud would be pitching on Wednesday.

This was the official end to our trip, but I had an extra day to get things into order…which turned into a few days of being sick. There’s still more drama. Stay tuned.


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