It was an incredibly awesome week with #ISTstartup. I thought I would be able to focus on work and get stuff done, but the cool stories and people sucked me in. My 15 minutes of fame this week was when co-founder of Reddit, Steve Huffman, came running out of the IST building after a trolley bus headed to Beaver Stadium had already left, and I pulled up next to him and asked him if he wanted a lift. For the next 10 minutes, me, Ed Glantz, and Steve chitchatted about the week and life. Steve may not have been impressed, but I was. Just a little. My husband, loving, as always said, “Boy, I bet you wish you’d kept your car a little cleaner…” No. Not really.

I may have to go back and blog a little more about the week. If you want to learn more, just google #ISTstartup and you should get a pretty good idea what it’s all about.


IMG_3695That said, the puppy was feeling good this weekend and begged to go for a walk this weekend. We went for a spin, even if it was 32 degrees out. He’s such a great walker and adventurous spirit. I wish he could walk farther because then maybe I’d get my rear back into gear. I’ve been slacking lately, and I can really feel it.

Spring is just around the corner. The bluebirds were doing their Sunday fly-bys of the boxes and were letting me get close for some good shots. One day, I’ll have to explain my fascination with bluebirds just a little better.

My son pitched today for his baseball team and won. We wanted to go down, but for some reason, the economy isn’t cooperating. Word has it, gas will be over $4 by the end of summer. He pitched the second game of a double header and made it all the way to the seventh inning. As usual, someone hit a homer off of him, but that was because the coach called the pitch and the coach actually admitted it was his own fault. Regardless, he got the win and it was the happiest he has been in a long time. What makes your children happy makes you happy. Here’s the box score.

One week til Easter. The boy has a game next Saturday. Hopefully he is pitching and we will get to see him. One more week in my INSYS class. I’m so ready for that to be done. Our final blueprint is to be on Learning Communities. I’m trying to figure out how to create a lesson plan embedded in social media. You learn a lot from your communities.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.



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