Well. Monday. Yes. Monday. Bleh. It wasn’t a bad day. A rote day. A day full of catching up on tedium. I spent some time reading “The Naked Presenter” and taking notes. It seems a lot of people don’t like this book. I, however, do. Lots of valuable stuff.

Had my official employee review today and, apparently, I’m doing well. Yay.  My contract was renewed. I must finish my masters this year and present at a conference or two.  I think I can do that. Not that I wasn’t planning on doing it anyway.

On a whim, I pulled up the State High baseball schedule and saw they were playing at home. The field is only minutes away and the sun was shining and I wanted to see if the score board had been installed. It was. I was supposed to go running. I was tired. It was too cold to be outside, but I didn’t want to run inside. The sirens of the field called.

I drove by the field once just to make sure there was a game. There was. I turned, went around the block, and parked. The wind was cold, but I left my jacket in the car. I stood at the top of the hill looking across the field. Many a game I’d spent at these fields, but rarely ever on the hill.

State High was beating Cedar Cliff in the top of the 4th, 6-2. The wind was keening from the south. About 15 people were sitting in chairs on top of the hill all bundled up. I welcomed the bite of the wind on my face. The sun was bright, the air was crisp, and you could hear the smack of the ball as clear as day. There were some familiar faces there, but none that would run up and greet me–as I wouldn’t run to greet them.

But, there were the ball players, intent on the game, chasing the elusive win. Players who had played on our teams long ago. Players intent on chasing their dreams. I could have stayed there all game. I looked down at my watch. It was time to go home. No run today. Which, after I thought about it, was par for the course. I never really made it to the gym in the spring. The important things are on the field, in the tink of a bat and the thwap of the glove.

This spring, my son’s baseball team had set a school record for Penn State Harrisburg, winning 16 games in a row. Yesterday, for whatever reason, their streak came to an end. They have three more games to claim the NEAC championship. We’ll see how it goes. It all depends on where their heads—and their hearts—are. Right now, I’m only sure about a few.

I went home, missing my son more than ever–wishing I could be watching him play once again on that field, but it wasn’t to be. He’s older and making his way through college. He’s doing really well, but I wish it were easier to just drive down the road to see him play. We’re lucky, though. Most games he has pitched have been on the weekend. I’m thinking his last conference game will be this Saturday against Gallaudet. Hopefully, they will win. Hopefully, we will be able to make the trip both Saturdays—when they win this game and when they play in the NEAC championships the following Saturday.

I’m watching all the photos of my friends on Facebook of their kids who are just starting to play the game, and I am quite envious. There is nothing like watching your kid grow up playing and excelling at a game he or she loves. I just want to tell them: enjoy it now— before you know it, they will all be grown. Hopefully, if they are lucky, like me, their kid will still be playing when they are in college.  One can only hope. Baseball, if you aren’t careful, will break your heart.

Tomorrow, I have to take my dad shopping. No time for a run. Maybe I can take some vacation time and go early. But as long as there is the promise of baseball in the next few months, I’m definitely going have to force myself to make some time.

By the way State High won. Nothing better than baseball in your own backyard.




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