Days go by and I have a pile of information stacked in my head. Piles of thoughts that are like old dusty library books. The voice in my head had its say, but it never bubbled to the surface. Stories from years ago, revelations, passionate stirrings…all bubbling, but tossed to the side to sit in stagnation.

I do a poor job of getting things out. Some things are just overly complicated. Some things are intensely personal and provocative. While I feel a sense of anonymity here, the truth is–I’m not. Do I really want to share that little intimate last detail? So days pass, and the books of my life pile up. The information passes and sits. Stacks of stuff wait for someone to blow the dust off.

That said. Well. What should I dredge up?

The Spud

The Spud

We went to see the boy play in Harrisburg last Saturday. The day would have been better served mulching and working at home. But we did not know the coach would leverage his irrationality and pull the spud in the 4th inning. When boys are walking off second when they think they are out (but they are not) or they are touching foul balls fair, there is something going beyond poor pitching performance. But, I’m biased. I’ll admit.

I find it amazing that they all want the same outcome…a conference win, but they can’t manage to communicate, collaborate, and synergize to realize their success. I’ve spent the past few days trying to inspire and whisper in their ears. I’m finding it’s all about the language, the terminology, the ability to actually talk the talk.


Morning Vista

I have 1,000 projects on the table, and I seem to keep adding more. The list keeps building and I keep falling behind: Counselors Camp, High School Camp, Drupal Camp, ISCRAM 2014, Startup Week. This statement is to keep me on task. However, the amount of meetings is creeping up. The more meetings I have, the less time I have. It’s kind of a vicious cycle. I need more time.

And finally, the run. It’s hard to characterize the run. I got a great 5K in the other day, and this morning, I finally motivated myself out of bed at 5:30 and got in 2 miles. I actually got to work earlier than if I was laying in bed forcing myself to sleep just a little bit longer. My shins hurt, the muscles inside my thighs pull, but I feel more alive than ever, as usual. Running soothes the soul. Not sure I will make it out tomorrow. I find my online support system invaluable, however, they are not consistent and can disappear without a note or a mention. I wonder if dust is piling up in their lives, too.


Flowering Trees Forever

I could probably go on for a while here, but I want to get my sleep in. They say one of the keys to a long, healthy life is lots of sleep. So, twist my arm…I’ll give it a try. I’ve certainly been fried all day, but I can also say I’ve been quite content. That is always a good thing. Being alive, gasping for air…it only means you get to share another day.

Might as well enjoy it.


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