134/365–Day Two

“Do you remember? Do you remember the world before the poison?”
― Amy ReedClean

It’s time to bleed the black from my veins,
Clear the clouds from my head,
Ignite the phoenix inside of me,
And take back my world.

I have not run in a few weeks thanks to a piece of glass lodged into my foot. The glass is gone; the rest of the trash will be gone soon, too.

Last night, I had the best sleep–and dreams–in a long time. I dreamed of a friend and his wonderful family. Long ago, they removed the toxins from their lives–threw out meaningless things, reassessed their true needs, appreciated their blessings. Coincidentally,  they were blessed with a great new gift today. Proof that life is holistic, requires balance, awareness, and presence. It gives and it takes. It is what you make of it.

I’m tired of it being black.

So I’m cleaning. Setting on the leeches, intentionally.  Feeling the pain. Feeling the pleasure.


Today is day two.

Tomorrow my son and his team start play in the NCAA DIII Baseball Championship Series. What better way to spend a day three?



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