I have a music problem. Something integrated into my DNA over which I have no control. About 8 days ago, I went to an evening mixer for #psuweb13–not within my comfort zone, but I went. They had a cheesy ’80s band there, appropriately called Velveeta. The band offered up a tambourine and the small group of dancers claimed it, sharing it among themselves; that is, until I got ahold of it. I shook it and shook it and shook it more. I shook it so much that my hand STILL shows signs of bruising as well as my upper thigh. In another life, I was/will be a tambourine player.



Yesterday, I went to lunch with our college Staff Advisory Committee group at Cafe 210. We sat outside under the awning. They were playing really cheesy slow dance ballad-type of songs. I kept breaking into song. I’m sure my colleagues were really annoyed with me. They were assuredly thinking, “Shut the hell up!”

This morning, as I ran, my playlist was on a roll and moved me along. The final song on my run was CeeLo and “Forget You.” I just had that one about a week ago. It’s impossible to run to this song without breaking into song. There I was running, dancing, singing, and getting my groove on.

I’m not sure how the music became part of my DNA, but it is. Just a fact. I don’t mind it, but I wonder if everyone else does. Until then, I’ll still keep singing, off-key and totally at the top of my lungs. If you don’t like it, well, then may I suggest earplugs or just ignore me… Just sayin’…


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