Two-Week Notice

Long story short: an opportunity fell into my lap about 8 weeks ago. I applied for, interviewed for, and got hired for a new position in the University. It’s hard to explain how you can do something like this when you really love the job you do and the people you work for/with. Let’s just say I was offered a job with opportunities that I could not pass up. I’m quite terrified, but even more excited than I have ever been before.

So, I turned in my notice three weeks ago–not two. It’s just not cool to sign off and bolt. In the same breath, it’s really hard to get out of there unscathed when you leave it to three weeks to extricate yourself from official business. You have the people who are sad you are leaving. You have the people who refuse to acknowledge you are leaving. And then you have the people who just refuse to acknowledge you. It’s been eye opening.

Today kicked off the first day of my last week and I had to say goodbye to a faculty member with whom I have worked with quite a long time. Many think he’s a thorn in my side, but he’s not. I actually will miss him. He walked out of my office today after wishing me all the best and the reality of it all slammed me back against the wall. I had to catch my breath and hold back the tears. It didn’t work out too well.

I’ve moved all my life. You’d think I’d be used to this by now. In fact, it’s probably why I’m moving right now. Old habits are hard to break. The familiar thud of loneliness breaks through my chest and heavy sadness bears down on me.

It will be okay. I’m looking forward to the moment when time is no longer counting down, but I am moving forward and looking ahead. I’m looking forward to being able to breathe and smile again. Wish me luck. There’s nothing but great things ahead.


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