So Lonely

Album: Outlandos d’ Amour

Artist: The Police

Release Date: 1978


There are some days I feel alone enough to look up this song. When I do, I can’t help but be entertained.

Things to note:

  • Sting’s nose, before his nose job
  • Sting’s glasses are so lame
  • Andy and his blue zipper suit (which matches his blue eyes)
  • Stewart’s total knack for being real and making you laugh

I didn’t fully get into the Police until after the release of “Synchronicity” (1983). It was sort of a backwards discovery process. This is one of those classic songs that stands the test of time. The boys were playful and ungodly awful at the same time in this video.

By the time I’m done watching it, thinking about it, singing it…I’m not so lonely anymore.


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