He said, “Come home early, we will go out for pizza and beer.”

He texted, “No. I probably won’t feel like it later. Come home early. You can cook me pizza and I can drink beer.”

She came home. She cooked pizza. He drank beer.

She wondered why she came home.

The olfactory sense is that which is related to smell.

Her olfactory sense was something that wasn’t engaged too often, but when it was, it was memorable. She remembered when she was a little girl on summer nights and her dad would drink bourbon and ice in a glass while watering the yard. The smell of the bourbon. The smell of water evaporating. She remembered the smell on soft summer nights of freshly cut grass. She remembered the smell of chlorine baked into her hair.

Today, she remembered her fondness for men’s cologne. When she was in college, she liked Drakkar Noir. She liked it so much, she would go to the men’s fragrance counter and spray it on. Recently, she developed a fondness for Kenneth Cole’s Reaction. Again, visiting the fragrance counter and spraying it to save for later. I can’t really tell you why.

Today, she noticed a new smell. Randomly, it sneaks up and muscles her awareness. Something smells good. What is it now? 

She is enthralled by images, thoughts, and words…but every once in a while, olfactory takes over, consuming all measure of thought and control. It’s impossible at times to stop oneself from being swept away.

Like the words that whisk her away to somewhere unknown, the smells carry her on waves to somewhere safe and kind.


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