2/365: Resolved

January 2


Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

(Source: 365 Writing Prompts)

She was flipping between the celebration shows on New Year’s Eve watching glamorous, young, and drunk folks with champagne spilling from their hands, dreams spilling from their lips, twerking like hipsters, sharing their resolutions with the hosts.

“I just graduated! I’m going to get a job!”

“I’m going to be the best girlfriend ever!”

“I’m gonna make lots of money!”

She wondered if they had any idea what really was going on in the world all around them…the depths of poverty, the restrictions of liberty, the wars, the upheaval in education…Just because you graduated college, do you really think you will get a job? Just because you are pretty and partying hardy, do you really think your resolutions will come true?

She laughed. When she was younger, she used to make large sweeping statements that at the stroke of midnight, everything would change. She’d learned that to effect change, it takes a deeply personal effort, strong mindset, and application of will. Not something easily done with the drop of the ball. Sure, some of the resolutions she focused on came about gradually, just because she realized it was better to do this rather than that. Resolutions weren’t to be made once a year.

In fact, every morning she resolved to do something different: be more attentive, be more caring, do more good, exercise more, drink less, eat right, make a difference…Ultimately, her resolutions came down to this: “If you don’t change this, you will die earlier than you should and probably in a more devastating way.” You’d think that would get someone to change…right? But, change is hard and change is work.

Every morning, she made her new resolutions in the shower. And every day, they washed down the drain with the rest of the water.

Maybe this morning, they’d stick.


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