Blurred Lines?

Another coworker of mine commented on my most recent post and said maybe I shouldn’t put so much professional development down on my staff review. And, you know, she’s right.

I spoke of blurring the lines personally, professionally, etc., and maybe that’s not how it should be done.

Take Pharrell Williams, for example. Pharrell is wildly popular with his Disney song, “Happy.” Kids (and adults) around the world are singing and dancing to this song 24-hours a day.


He also is wildly popular for his song (appropriately named) Blurred Lines, which isn’t one of the most appropriate or empowering songs.

Blurred Lines

In fact, Pharrell finally apologized for the song, stating he must have been drunk to write something like that.

Wearing the Hat

The author, trying out Pharrell’s Hat

My first point, is that I really like Pharrell, his songs, and his hat.

My second point, is maybe my coworker had a serious point. Maybe work should be work. And maybe life should be life. And maybe they shouldn’t mix. Maybe I’d be better off keeping the two separate and apart. What I read on my free time should be kept on my free time. I don’t know.

Maybe if I can get more organized. (Speaking of which, another coworker of mine is using Trello to stay organized and it seems to have great potential.)

What do you think? Should we blur the lines between life and work or do you tend to keep the two apart?





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