When “One of Those Weeks” turns into “One of Those Months”

It happened. Yep. That week turned into a month, but I’m starting to see the light.

The training I was trying to create in Captivate has launched, and my customers think it’s great, even though I don’t. That’s okay. We can improve it later. The spring semester has concluded, and we have some stragglers trying to get things for the summer semester in order by Monday. I think that will be okay, too.

And then, my unit is in a state of disarray…people being removed, rearranged, and changed with not a lot of information. I know it will be okay though. Some things you just know. I have a good team and we will do good things together.

My son broke his hand. My husband was in the ER. My dog turned one and has bruised his leg. Two words: Bubble Wrap.

The one really good thing is that I got “Brain Rules” back and it was so worth it. I think I’ll do a separate post about that. Should only take a few minutes, but you don’t know what will happen in between that time. Wish me luck!

It has been one of those months….


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