Going Up or Going Down

About four months ago, I walked into my boss’s office and gave her an impassioned plea about where our office stood and where it needed to go. It must have been effective as she told me to just go and do what I needed to do. So here I stand today with an office composed of four ready to take on incredible new initiatives.

I was talking with the latest addition to my team today,  and he shared an interesting perspective on a manager who had just lost an employee to another unit… Mine, to be exact.

He said to me, “You are on the bottom end of things and have nowhere to go but up. This other person at the University…was at the top of where she was going…so any change she had to push through would be at the risk of her own job. You had nothing to lose while she had everything. You’ve got to understand that.”

He was totally right. However, there is no excuse for complacency at this University. This University should not promote or expect that.

This conversation served as a good reminder to me, that, as I expand my horizons, I must never take for granted my position. Change is good. Change is necessary…Especially if we want to do good and amazing things.


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