black hole

the promise of silence on a Sunday morn slips out of her hands faster

than light being sucked into a black hole

she careens with comets

dodging the daily asteroids slinging themselves into her path

distant voices echo and raise loudly

disturbing any inner peace she may seek to find

and the aliens

don’t forget the aliens

the life-sucking entities that constantly spout gibberish

and stomp her spirit

but tonight

she has nestled herself in a distant galaxy

tucked into Orion’s belt

and everything else fades away

the darkness ensconces her

nothing to be heard but the vacuous air sheering past her

to be sucked into another dimension

constellations explode

showers of stars sprinkle around her

like fireworks fading on the fourth of july

illuminating bright eyes

inquisitive spirit

as she splays out her hands

directing the wind

at the apex of the whirling vacuum


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