The 36 Questions that Lead to Love

A colleague of mine shared an article the other day “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This.”

The article, written by Mandy Len Catron, discusses a study by Arthur Aron that explored making strangers fall in love by going through a series of 36 questions. She tells the story of how she shared this study with a colleague on a sort of date night as well as the questions and the mandatory 4-minute-stare exercise:

You’re probably wondering if he and I fell in love. Well, we did…We spent weeks in the intimate space we created that night, waiting to see what it could become.

She commented that she liked the study because it “assumes that love is an action…” and that it’s possible to generate trust and intimacy through these 36 questions.

It’s astounding, really, to hear what someone admires in you. I don’t know why we don’t go around thoughtfully complimenting one another all the time.

That said, I’ve been looking for inspiration lately, so maybe I’ll answer the 36 questions over the next few months here. Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t want anything crazy to happen, you know…

What do YOU think about the study and the questions? What would your answers be? Do you dare try this out with someone else? Share your thoughts!


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