LDT 597: Research Traditions in LDT: Foundations for Educational Research

This semester, I am taking LDT 597. LDT 597 is designed to familiarize students with the set of research perspectives used in Learning, Design, and Technology research. It will cover design research, experimental perspectives, qualitative studies, user design studies, and mixed methods approaches. The course is a review of educational research traditions and foundations that are used to advance knowledge about consequential issues impacting human learning through conducting research in and across educational settings (e.g., schools, workplaces, museums, afterschool programs, family settings, higher education, and online immersive environments).

In my position, I work closely with faculty to help identify, design, and implement interventions in the class and online that will hopefully improve learning. This class should help round out my skills in research and help me to be a greater resource to our faculty. In fact, this semester, we are doing research in Physics 211 on the IOLab tool in the resident classroom with an eye of moving it to an online classroom. Down the road, we will be exploring other variables surrounding online labs, the outcomes of flipping the classroom, and online preparatory modules for first-year and 2+2 students with regards to student retention and motivation.

As I move through the semester, I hope to reflect and share about what I’m learning about educational research and ways we can further leverage it in the College of Science. Here’s to some great research!


(Originally posted on my work blog on August 27, 2015)


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