Worlds Colliding

I’ve noticed when I take classes, I become more inspired and have more things to say. If I went and looked back through my blog history, I could probably map out blog activity with course activity. That’s a good thing I guess. It seems like my efficacy increases and I feel like I’m smart enough to put myself out there. So, this degree of mine is sort of an after-statement as I’ve already been doing the job I would get with the degree for quite some time. It’s good, though, as it puts all the theory and practice in my face as I’m actually doing the job. Nothing quite so cognitively adept as active learning and engaging in real-world problem solving and solutions.

I’m supposed to be blogging for my course, but as you can see, it’s spilling over into my personal life. I’m reading some stuff for personal gain, but it’s spilling over into my professional life. And for some crazy reason, maybe the fact that I’ve heard all the wildly successful, creative, innovative, and amazing people make time to read in the morning, I was wide awake at 5 am thinking about my course blog, reading “The Happiness Project,” and  plotting on leveraging the community I have built on the personal side for the educational side. It all gets so crazy and convoluted!

I read for a half hour, then I got up, and got on the elliptical for a half hour. Another thing that makes you creative–exercise.

So, the first song I heard today–on my playlist–not on the car radio was “Waterfront” by Simple Minds. I would have to put this as one of my top 20 favorite songs.


I know, when you hear ‘Simple Minds,’ you think of the Breakfast Club and “Don’t You Forget about Me,” but this is Simple Minds at their best.

Let me take you back, the year is 1983 and they have released the album, “Sparkle in the Rain.” The album as a whole is pretty amazing. I’ve been living in California for almost a  year. I’m a sophomore in high school, and while Michael Jackson is king, I was slowly discovering New Wave, alternative, and punk rock listening to KROQ. (You can check out my KROQ 80s Spotify playlist.)

There’s something magical about Jim Kerr. Something about his reddish hair, boyish good looks, and oversized jackets and shirt sleeves as he floated up and down across this stage. His voice holds such passion and soul. Then there’s the bass…it just thumps through your body the whole time and the drummer kills it, too. The whole song just drives you along until you wind up in a satiated heap, collapsing at the end.

Just as a note, Jim Kerr got married to Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders in 1984, which fascinated me. Creatives, I guess.

There were a couple of other songs this morning, all 80s songs, interestingly enough. The one that I sang to off key this morning was “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats (also from 1983).



The Author doing the “S” for the Safety Dance…

It amazes me how little I know the words to these songs. It’s the melodies that enrapture me, apparently.

Do you know all the words to your favorite songs? And what song are you singing off-key today?



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