5 months in

So, here we are 5 months in through the year already. Tomorrow is the first of June and we are less than 3 weeks away from the longest day of the year! How did this happen? How does it go so fast? 5 months ago we still had Christmas decorations up and now we are looking forward to 4th of July fireworks.

A couple observations on the year. I have read more than usual. I have made the effort to get up early and read. I used to read and work out. But now I lay on my butt and read. I take the dog for a walk and call it a workout, but it’s not.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to get up early and get back in the workout mode. No matter how often I think about exercising, thinking about it isn’t going to get it done.

My son and his girlfriend are starting a Whole30 tomorrow. I’m not sure if we will follow. We pretty much are clean anymore. I think by getting back to exercise, I will get back to where I was months ago.

And so while some things seem to take forever, everything else happens in the blink of an eye. Movies are made and re-made. What is this Mummy movie with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe? I digress. But, seriously, what IS that about?

The other thing I need to do, is write more. Consider this June 1st a reset. Maybe you (lucky you) will hear more from me, but see less of me, as I whittle this winter mantle off me and shake my mojo yet another time in hopes of getting it into gear.



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