Hi. My name is Melissa. Or you can call me Stormy or Roxy. I was a deejay in my former life and my air name was Roxanne. It works.

I was born in California. Moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Moved to Missouri City, Texas. Moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Moved to Plano, Texas. Moved to Tustin, California. Moved back to Plano, Texas. Went to school for one year and the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Moved to State College, Pennsylvania to attend the Pennsylvania State University.

Here I am. I’m an instructional designer at Penn State. Director of the Office of Digital Learning. Mother to a 20-something product engineer and graduate of Penn State University and former college baseball player. Grandmother to 8 future Penn Staters. Married. I’m still here—haven’t left yet.

I like to write and take photos. Actually doing it is the challenge. I often wish I had a recorder attached to my head, because I “write” really well when I am walking between meetings, or driving in the car, or standing in the shower. But, when it comes to throwing it on the wall, it never sticks…it just swirls aimlessly down the drain into oblivion. The pictures are framed in my mind, never to see fruition.

Most of this stuff is fiction, so don’t take me too seriously. Just trying to get something to stick to the wall. The pictures are fleeting. I like hearing from you and love to be inspired by all of you. Just need the constant nudge to convert from the mental spark to something that is real.

Please feel free to inspire me.


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